Zip Lock Pouch

Zip Lock Pouch

“Uses of Zip-lock Pouch”

Zip-lock Pouch is used in frozen food packaging. Rest apart, there are more other uses of Zip-lock pouch. It carries medications for travel. It is used to store baby finger food. In reality, Zip-lock pouches are in vogue packaging pouches that are used by various company for the packaging of array of products. Today, Zip-lock pouches are one of the most utilized packaging materials. It is suitable for all common product packaging, liquid or more. Zip-lock pouch is very convenient in time to package stuff. It works as a Tablet or device protector; some of the Zip-lock bags are used as the ice pack. It is used as kitchen funnel, piping bags etc. It even can be used as a mini First Aid kit or a Firestarter kit. 

“Benefits of Zip-lock Pouch”

Zip-lock pouches are versatile and cost-effective packaging option for both food and non-food items. They are great for food storage, jeweler packing. They are one of the eco-friendly packaging options. Zip-lock pouches are very user-friendly due to the secure locking top which provides an excellent way to keep the foreign substances. It holds resealable feature, and it is an excellent way to keep out contaminants such as dust, dirt, moisture etc. Zip-lock pouch can maintain a product’s freshness, preserve documents and protects microchips or other sensitive materials. 

“Properties/ Specification of Zip-lock pouch”

A number of this Zip-lock pouch is made from low density polyethylene and LDPE plastic films. These bags are normally transparent or translucent. The distinctive feature of Zip-lock pouch is they have superior strength, reusable, and clean finish. Generally, their design is plain, and they have white or transparent color. Their material is LDPE or PP. The thickness is 40 microns to 100 microns. It is printable and it can be colorful.