LDPE Film   

LDPE film is the abbreviation for low-density polyethylene film. It is used in countless products and applications that include carryout bags, candy wraps, food packaging, cans and trash liners, bubble packaging, grocery wraps, shipping sacks, mattress bags, agricultural and construction film, etc. It is heat sealable, chemically inert, and shrinks when heated. Apart from it, it is semi-rigid, very tough weatherproof, holder of good chemical resistance and low water absorption property, and easily processed by most methods. The density of it is low, and its density range is density range of 917–930 kg/m3. LDPE film is semi-rigid, translucent, and tough. It holds good chemical resistance, low water absorption, and weatherproof properties.  


Uses of LDPE films  

As discussed, LDPE films are extensively used in manufacturing various containers, dispensing bottles, wash bottles, various model laboratory equipment, and plastic parts for the computer components and its most widespread use is in the plastic bags. Apart from that, it is used in trays and general-purpose containers, Packaging for computer hardware such as hard disk drive and optical disk drive, plastic containers, playground slides, plastic wraps, housewares, battery cases, automotive parts, electrical components, etc. LDPE film uses in applications like envelopes, shipping sacks, mattress bags, agricultural and construction applications, trash can liners and grocery bags, etc.  



LDPE is tough plastic, but it feels quite soft, and it is strong in addition. The advantages of these films are that they are water-repellent, resistant to acids, and well-insulating. That is the reason it is very suitable for packaging material. Secondly, they are moisture-resistant, chemical resistant, and high-temperature resistant. The three important advantages that make them attractive as a plastic manufacturing material are that it is cost-saving, economical, and widely recyclable. LDPE Films recycling means that it is often managed to sidestep environmental concerns.