Subsequently, LDPE films are used for various applications. LDPE is a standard plastic that ranks as highly transparent as compared to most plastics and materials. It has gained global industrial use due to its tough material, flexibility and extensibility. It is also relatively strong, this gives it extensive use in making various products as well as act as a packaging material for food products.

We certainly pride ourselves in being a recognized company that sells LDPE films as per the specifications of the client. LDPE films have a wide range of uses and these include making:

  • Buckets
  • Food packages
  • Bottles
  • Stretch films
  • Shopping bags
  • Capsules and caps

Physical properties

Tear strength 65 to 450 lbs per inch
Tensile strength 1500 to 3000 psi
Dart Impact 250 to 750 grams
Burst 20 to 60 psi
Elongation (MD %) 550


  • High flexibility
  • Highly transparent
  • Great toughness
  • Good extensibility
  • Low temperature impact strength

Product offerings

  • We make and deliver LDPE films as per the color, lamination and also other specifications of the client.
  • The client can also choose the standard thickness of the film that they want.
  • Additionally,We offer LDPE films of different sizes and mils

Product Information – Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)


We offer and search LDPE in form of ground, granules and film scraps for injection and extrusion applications.

Classification: standard plastic
Structure: semi-crystalline
Related Types: LLDPE
Trade Names: Lutene (LG Chem)
also, Purell (LyondellBasell)
Sanren (Sinopec)
Typical properties: high chemical resistance
more flexible and transparent and softer than HDPE
good toughness, extensibility and also low-temperature impact strength


  • Firstly Stretch film
  • Buckets
  • Also, Shopping bags
  • after that Capsules and caps
  • Food packaging
  • lastly Bottles

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