Plastic extrusion film and fabric

Plastic extrusion film and fabric

Plastic extrusion is in the same process of manufacturing, where plastic materials gets through melting. Through this process, the products can be used as they are or you can modify to more finished products through methods like molding, punching and forming. There are two methods of extruding film. These are slit die extrusion and below extrusion.

There has been a recent revolution in plastic extrusion because of new conventional and unconventional methods generally use to transform the manufacturing sector and the entire process. The demand for the process is also becoming dynamic.

Custom complex profile plastic extrusion

To make and generate custom plastic extrusions requires unmatched skills. With plastic extrusion technologies, we will deliver to our clients the best-extruded products. The application of this technology is in HVC cable. Brush products, refrigeration, safety products and wire.

We use several modern approaches in plastic extrusion. These are:

  • Co-extrusion – This is best in the instance where it intertwine with two colors and materials.
  • Dual durometer – This is good always while using similar plastic but with different hardness.
  • Tri-extrusion – It is best when three materials and colors are combined.
  • Value added operations – these are the processes that take place after extrusion.

What is extrusion?

Film extrusion is usable in extruding plastics like the vinyl film. In this process, raw compound materials can add, through gravity, to the extrude barrel from the top mounted hopper. The material contacts the screw with going through the feed throat. This rotating screw pushes the compound into the hot barrel. Pressure and also friction cause excessive heat. Molten plastic then goes past the screw and contamination eliminate with the screen pack. Molten plastic then goes into the die where a final product is created. The film is then cooled with cooling rolls. We also make extrusion-laminated fabrics like polyester films and nylon as well as two-ply fabrics.

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