PP Fabric

PP Fabric

The use of PP fabrics is certainly found in many industries across the globe. This is because it is the most economical, strong and reliable packaging material. It is a lightweight fabric used in making industrial bags, also which come as finished goods. The best polypropylene material is used in creating the fabric so as to produce a product that is strong, wear resistant and one that has dimensional accuracy and low elongations. Above all, the selling point of PP fabrics is that they come in a roll making it easy to cut and stitch.

Applications of PP fabrics

We are a recognized brand in selling polypropylene woven fabric. Because of their ideal lightweight, PP fabrics can be used in packaging:

  • Cloth bales.
  • Wooden/corrugated boxes.
  • Machinery and other finished products.

PP fabrics are also uses as covers for,

  • Box bag.
  • Tarpaulins
  • Ground cover.
  • Sheet
  • Industrial string bags.
  • Sand bags.
  • Food grain also package bags.

Technical details

Lamination 15 micron to 30 micron
Color Depends on clients specifications
Open width Up to 310 cm or 122 inches
Weaves/mesh Customized
Circular/tubular fabric Up to 155 cm or 61 inches
UV stabilized 200 to 1600 hours


PP Fabric Features

PP woven fabric materials are also used widely in different industries because of their:

  • Low elongation.
  • Great strength.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Indeed Dimensional accuracy.

Additionally, Our PP woven fabrics have met all the international quality standards. These are:

  • Availability of fabrics in open flat and tubular options.
  • Usability in scaffolding and also packaging various end products.
  • Availability of 4 metres with for open flat options and also between 0.3 metres to 1.9 metres for tubular options.
  • Additionally, based on construction and width of the fabric, GSM ranges from 60 to 300.

Production offerings

  • We offer either single side or double side coating on fabrics.
  • We make PP fabrics as per the specifications of the client like color, lamination, UV stabilization and coating.
  • The lamination and also coating is per the specifications of the client.
  • In addition to lamination, we can also incorporate additional features like UV stabilizer and color master batch.

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