Polystyrene (PS)

And AlsoPolystyrene (PS)

Here, Polystyrene is used widely for packaging under the trade name “styrofoam.” It is alternately also available as a naturally transparent solid, commonly used for consumer products like soft drink lids or medical devices like test tubes or petri dishes.

Additionally, One short phrase to describe the major benefits of Polystyrene relative to other plastics and materials would be:

  • Indeed Foam Applications

This is also best for packaging the big items.


We offer and search PS in form of ground and also granules for injection and extrusion applications.

Classification: Standard plastic
Structure: Amorphous
Related Types: SBS (Styrene-Butadiene)
Also, EPS/XPS (expanded PS)
Trade Names: Edistir (Versalis)
The best above all Styrolution (Styrolution)
Also Styropor (BASF)
Typical properties: Good stiffness, hardness and certainly electrical resistance values
Brilliant surface finish
Very brittle and also transparent (GPPS)
High impact strength (HIPS)
above all Excellent insulation properties (EPS)
Differentiation: GPPS (general purpose)
Also MIPS (medium impact)
certainly, HIPS (high impact)


  • Switch boxes
  • Spools
  • Also, Yoghurt Cups
  • CD Cases
  • Also Insulation Materials


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